Maddison Ippolito:


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Monday – Friday:


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Circle Health 6/230 Blackshaws road, Altona North (practicing in the ANMG rooms)

P: 0411 225 400




Twitter: @maddisonipp

I am an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and an Accredited Nutritionist, with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a Masters in Dietetics from La Trobe University.

I became a dietitian to gain the skills to guide others to be their happiest healthiest selves.

I take a modern approach to medical nutrition therapy, focusing on individual’s preferences, motivations and readiness to change. I focus on the latest research and work with patients to mutually come to realistic goals.

I am not only trained to help with weight management but to complement the medical management of many conditions

I have an interest in diabetes, cardiovascular disease and gastrointestinal disorders. I focus on mindfulness and the non-diet approach for weight management, health & wellbeing.

I am happy to arrange home visits and skype consults upon request.

I love to spend time outdoors surfing, hiking and playing with my dog. I also spend lots of time in the kitchen cooking and of course eating.

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